Septic System Services

Septic Services

Offering Septic Services to Middle Tennessee

With more than 30 years of service in the septic industry, we offer reliability you can trust.

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In the Clarksville, Ashland City, Dover, Dickson or Springfield, TN area? Let us repair your septic system, or clean it at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we have the knowledge and efficiency to get the job done right every time.

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When you turn to us, you’ll get a host of septic services, including…

  • Septic Pumping
  • Septic Tank Access Risers
  • Grease Traps
  • Septic Field Line Repairs
  • Septic Chemicals

You’ll get the most up-to-date and modern service when you choose Stinky Pinky. For new homes, mobile homes, and commercial properties, you’ll get the most affordable prices for all your septic system needs. To request septic services, Contact Us or call us at (931) 551-9835. We look forward to working with you. 

Maintenance and Tips

Helpful Advice to Keep Your Septic System Working Efficiently

  • Toxic and hazardous chemicals should never be poured down the drains or flushed down the toilet. Chemicals such as paints, varnishes and pesticides can kill the enzymes and bacteria in your system.
  • Non-biodegradable material such as cat litter, disposable diapers and coffee grounds are not attacked by enzymes and should not enter the septic system.
Typical Drain Field
Typical Drain Field

Drain Field Maintenance and Tips

Water absorption of the drain field area is the backbone of the septic system. Reduce water by…

  • Washing full loads of laundry and dishes instead of several small loads.
  • Water-saving shower heads, faucet aerators, toilet float valves and low-flow toilets can be installed.
  • Repair all leaking faucets quickly.
  • Avoid leaving the water running while shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing dishes, etc…
  • Put a pitcher of water in the refrigerator to reduce the amount of running water needed for cold drinking water.
  • No buildings should be placed above the drain field area as soil compression could occur.
  • Trees and shrubs should not be grown above the drain field area as their roots cause blockages.

Septic Tank Maintenance and Tips

The septic tank is the support for the whole system. The action within the tank is what allows the drain field to work.

  • Enzymes and bacteria within the septic tank prefer warmer temperatures. Therefore, your septic tank should be buried deep enough to maintain a temperature above freezing.
  • The use of a garbage disposal will add extra solids to your septic tank. Make sure the capacity of your tank is large enough to handle this extra waste.
  • A regular pumping of your septic tank will renew its life. This will also give you the opportunity to inspect the tank for any structural problems.

Stinky Pinky Septic Treatment - $60

Keep your septic system clean and efficient.  Use of a monthly septic treatment will keep your system running smoothly.  Includes a 1 year supply.  

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Holiday Schedule 2023

We will be closed on six major holidays:  

  • MEMORIAL DAY-5/29/2023
  • FOURTH OF JULY-7/04/2023
  • LABOR DAY-09/04/2023
  • THANKSGIVING DAY-11/23/2023
  • CHRISTMAS DAY-12/25/2023
  • NEW YEAR'S DAY-01/01/2024

If your pickup day falls on or after a holiday during the week, your pickup day will be delayed one day.


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